Intelliplug for Desktop Computers DSK105

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Intelliplug for Desktop Computers DSK105



Intelliplug for Desktop Computers DSK105

Eliminating standby in our homes is not always easy. Those little red lights on your computer monitor, scanner and printer are needlessly costing you money every hour. Research suggests that leaving electrical equipment on standby can reduce equipment lifespan by an average of 15% and creates a needless fire risk. OneClick Technologies have spent several years developing the world’s first patented intelligent plug designed to work automatically. It also boasts a lifespan of at least 15 years. It has been tested to British Standards and is RoHS compliant. Recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, and its integrity and reliability are endorsed by independently qualified technicians.

Intelliplug and Desktop Computers

These have complicated power demands. This means No more standby – no more wasted power. The internal software seeks to reduce the amount of power the computer uses. When switching the computer on, all of the internal components and the CD/DVD drives power up. The computer will switch off internal devices once it has established that they are not required. A Desktop Computers power demands can vary from an average of 70 to 350 watts and in some cases less than 2 watts.

Peripheral equipment such as the monitor, printer, speakers, scanner, and games consoles can have very poor power management. They are often left switched on when the computer is no longer in use. The challenge was to identify the correct threshold between the on and off level for the wide range of Desktop Computers on the market. This ensures that peripheral equipment is only switched off when the computer is not in use or in standby. This has been achieved with Intelliplug. Our patented Auto-Calibration technology automatically switches off peripheral equipment when the computer is no longer in use. Order this part today and save a packet.

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